Preparing Your Shoot: Wardrobe

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Wardrobe Preparation

Wardrobe is easily the most important aspect of your photoshoot. Creating a strong, cohesive image is an accumulation of movement, expression, and how we have chosen to style you. Your wardrobe has to be concise and entirely intentional, with you, as the subject, knowing what it offers to potential consumers.

If we're aiming to photograph 4 looks, you'll want to bring 2-4 additional wardrobe options with you. The ideal outfit would be something marketable to your potential clients. If you have an agency, check-in with them to see what they think may be the best direction(s) for you, and even how to type your hair/makeup.

If you're working with a stylist, they'll need to know that information and your current measurements. If you're gathering clothing on your own, you're going to have to think outside your general aesthetic for outfits to see if you can fit into another demographic as well. An easy way to think about potential wardrobe combinations would be to browse H&M, Macy's, Express, Gap, and other stores online shopping portals. You'll want to see what's currently in season, how they're marketing it, and even google older seasons for past concepts.

Take a look at each offering as an outfit, to see how they've paired the pants with whichever sweater, shirt, shoes, etc. Make sure your own looks are coordinated from top to bottom, including accessories. Chris may have mood boards prepared to offer you, in order to help create a concise agenda to shop around for.