Frequently Asked Questions

 Photographed by Chris Carroll

Who has ownership of the photos?

Photographer retains all rights of photographs, unless otherwise agreed upon by a transfer of ownership agreement. As the client, you have an individual, exclusive usage license to utilize all retouched/purchased photographs from your session. If you intend to use the image commercially, please speak with the photographer prior to the shoot or when the need arises.

Commercial licenses to corporations & brands, including social media partnerships, can be negotiated. Just ask - many agreements will be low- or no-cost. ;)

Regarding amount of delivered photos

Clients will receive amount of images selected within a package; additional images are purchased a la carte. Photos are not released for usage without photographer's permission through purchase.

Can I post unedited photos to my social media or friends?

No. Uploading of photos without purchase & photographer's editing is subject to removal from social media by sites like Facebook & Instagram.

It is not something I wish to have to act upon, but solely intended to protect the intellectual property of the artists' services, and only have the intended final product shared with the world. Please respect the integrity of the artists' work, as some choice decisions are made with future retouching in mind.

Quality over quantity is most important to everyone involved in helping with your photoshoot.

Retouching fees are kept at minimal rates to help clients purchase additional retouching at the point of sale or future date to share the work with their audiences. 

Regarding potential watermark

Proofing, prior to editing, may contain watermark; final delivered photos do not contain a watermark.