Male Model Development Workshop

Workshop 9:30am - 5:00pm

Hopefully you're just as excited as I am about this week's workshop! You've probably already read the workshop page's specifics, and hopefully you have an idea of the topics we'll be covering in the day. Aside from the keynote, we'll be working through some photoshoot scenarios for your individual portfolios. Those photography sessions are Catalog/E-Commerce and Portrait/Headshot lighting scenarios. Take a look below to see what you can bring to enhance both shoot opportunities.

Time/Location Details:

Workshop Time:
9:30AM - 5:00PM

Workshop Address:
330 Wadsworth Avenue, 6B, New York, NY

The studio is accessible via subway and parking garages are nearby.

Please arrive to the workshop at 9:30am, prepared to setup any wardrobe you've brought when you walk in. If you arrive prior to 9:30am, please wait in the lobby.


What to Bring:

  1. Tablet, Laptop, or Notepad to take notes.
  2. Wardrobe for photoshoot sequence. (see below)
  3. SNACKS!  (Okay, we'll probably have some, but it never hurts to bring something to nibble on!)


You'll want to bring 2-4 wardrobe options with you. If you'd like, you can wear one of them to the workshop. The ideal outfit would be something marketable to your potential clients. An easy way to think about potential wardrobe combinations would be to browse H&M, Macy's, Express, Gap, and other stores online shopping portals. Make sure your looks are coordinated from top to bottom (shirts, pants, belts, shoes). 


Best reference for Catalog/E-Commerce are the online shopping portals mentioned above. Something as simple as a jeans & t-shirt could look expensive, if it fits you well. Below are some examples of aesthetics that would work well for this style, however please look through your own wardrobe to differentiate and bring something that inspires you when viewing those online portals. 

For example, you can google 'H&M Men 2015' for some inspiration on H&M styles


The portrait session is a great opportunity for a 'comp-card' photo. These portraits may be either shirtless or clothed. If you are shirtless, you'll want to be emotive - as the entire shot really relies on your expression. If clothed, you'll want to bring something that will compliment your mood/expression. For example, you could bring a denim shirt or jacket, and that can make drawing from your mood easier.

To source potential inspiration, you can look at agency portfolios of other male models. 

Get the Most From the Workshop 

The workshop is geared for you to actively ask questions & participate in every way. Throughout the workshop, feel free to ask anything that makes you curious. I guarantee, someone else in the room is wondering the same thing! 

Actively take notes, annotate things you may want elaboration on during the keynote, and bring your own questions to the workshop. The workshop is dedicated to making sure you're leaving prepared with a comprehension of how to proceed when working with clients, how to curate wardrobe for photoshoots, building your portfolio, and becoming a stronger model.